May is almost there, and I have written only one article this month… what a shame!

Here is the second one, but it’s a very light one. In fact, I just wanted to show you two pictures I took in Hellerup one morning, three weeks ago. I had left my cosy bed early to see the sun rise over the ocean. Unfortunately, I got a flat tyre on the way to the sea, and when I finally arrived (by foot), the sun was hidden behind a thick curtain of clouds.
I had taken my tripod with me, so I experimented a bit with long exposure… well ok, it was not really long exposure, it was too bright for that and I didn’t have the needed filter. Let’s talk about longer exposure then, between 0.4 and 1.6 seconds.

39 mm – f/32 – 1.6s – ISO100 – Manual mode
18 mm – f/22 – 0.4s – ISO100 – Manual mode

I have just spent five days in northern Jutland, traveling the area with my parents, watching birds and taking pictures. You will hear a lot more about that in the coming weeks, but as an teaser, I offer you today this picture of the sun rising in Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark. Definitely worth waking up at 5.15, no?


As always, like, comment and share 😀 See you!

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