Remarkable people

Tired of my shit? Want to meet other artists? Here is the place I advertise talents who deserve some attention. Take a look, and send them a sign if you like what they do!


Stand still. Stay silent gb

The adventurers. Source SSSS Wikia

In a post-apocalytpic Scandinavia set 90 years in the future, a squad of “terribly unqualified” adventurers sets off in a quest for books. Visually remarkable, this comic from Minna Sundberg stars moving characters and disgusting monsters, with a touch of magic and Nordic mythology. Stunning!

Nature blogs

De bec et de plumes

Rock ptarmigan – Iceland © De bec et de plumes

De Faune en Flore

Hverfjall – Iceland © De Faune en Flore

Not much more to say about these two guys: they make you travel around the world, speak about birds and bring you amazing pictures (in French). Go take a look and say hi, I’m sure they will appreciate the attention!

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