Hi, and welcome!
My name is Samuel, and Eiwawar is my blog.
I have always been a very visual person: I have a good visual memory, I’ve drawn since I was a kid, I’m often astonished by the graphical aspects of movies and video games, and I’m a photographer. I’ve had my own camera for a few years only, but I clearly remember when, as a kid, I used a disposable camera while on holiday… not to mention borrowing my parents’ reflex, a bit later.
I have always liked to write as well. Nothing serious ever came out of my few attempts at starting a story, except maybe the very first series, a fan-fiction based on the video game “Guild Wars”. Who in the audience remembers the Drunkards from Tyria? Not many? That’s a good thing.


Given such a background, it sounds almost logical for me to have a blog to showcase my photography. That said, my ambition here is a bit broader than simply showing off my best shots.
Life is an adventure, and I intend to live it, not let it pass by. Through Eiwawar, I also wish to take you on an adventure with me, share the thrill of exploration, tell my story while I write it, and maybe inspire you. I have realized that it was not that straightforward: telling about my day out is easy, putting it in a pleasant form, making it readable to all, but not childish, while adding maybe a joke or two, among some personal thoughts… that is hard.
More than storytelling, Eiwawar should also be about photography (and by this, I mean not only photographs). Therefore, I want to share some tips and tricks, and explanations on the processes that led to specific pictures. When I read this kind of articles on other blogs, I always find them interesting and useful. Now it’s my turn to pass on what I learn throughout the journey.
A side effect of all this is that it brings news to the family: no need to write emails, Eiwawar does it by itself whenever I publish a new article. Life is beautiful.

By writing these lines, I make it known that I want to improve the quality of my articles. Now back to work *scribbling resumes*


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