2020 calendar for sale!

Hi everyone!

Again, I’m selling a calendar for the year to come, with all pictures in it taken by me over the years.

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My voyage carries on

Life goes on, and another year comes. As you read that, I’m (hopefully) in India, traveling for two weeks with my family. This is my first time in this part of the world, and I’m probably enjoying it.

Oh by the way… happy new year!

Morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae)

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Calendar 2019 for sale!

Hi everyone, here’s an article a bit different from the previous ones: I’m selling calendars for the upcoming year!

Each month is illustrated with images I’ve made. Among them, 7 bird images and 5 landscapes/cityscapes from Finland, France and New Zealand. Made of glossy high-quality paper, this calendar will look good in your house, or make a perfect gift to your friends and loved ones.

There’s a unique price of 28€ that includes shipping fees; I can also send invoices in New Zealand dollars.

Now with the schedule (please pay attention, it’s important ;)).
To guarantee this price and be able to manage everything before I go offline on a trip to the Subantarctic Islands, I need to know about your order very soon! Therefore, if you’re interested, don’t delay and fill in the form at the following link TODAY: https://samuelbloch.weebly.com/calendar-2019.html

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Opening of my print shop

I have thought about selling prints of my pictures for a long time, even before a reader here (maybe she’ll recognize herself) suggested it. It’s taken me some time to figure it out, but here it is: behold my print shop in its first iteration.

There you can buy almost any of my pictures, on three different media: a fine art print (on high quality paper), a canvas (like a painting) or an aluminium plate, so called Dibond (with the picture directly printed on it).

Why not buy this new picture, which I had never shown before?

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Lapland (March 2018): a wrap-up

I wanted to go to Lapland in winter, because I never had. I thought I might as well take a few friends from France with me, and add a few Northern Lights in the mix. Here is a wrap-up, with some detailed info about the planning and activities of this 1-week dream trip (all prices are for 4 people unless stated otherwise).

All the previous articles dedicated to this adventure:
Holiday on ice | Fluffiness against the cold | The greatest lie in the north

The timing

Winter is long in the north (7 months): how does one choose when to go?
My idea was that I wanted both day and night. We needed night to see the Northern Lights, but if we had been there in January, with only a couple of hours of daylight each day but clouds all the time, we would have got bored very quickly. In the end, I chose March, which was also my choice last year for Varanger. We had approximately 12 hours of night and 12 hours of light (and excellent weather 😉 ).

The region

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Calendar for sale!

I’m happy to present my first photography product, a calendar for the upcoming year!

It’s been crafted with love and care, with some of my best pictures: each one was taken during the month it illustrates 🙂 There are shots from Finland, Denmark, and a few surprises 😉
The European price is 40€, including shipping fees. I also deliver outside Europe, but there might be custom taxes, so please contact me.

OFFER: until Friday 27.10, the price is only 30€ !

If you are interested, head to this page to get a quote: Calendar 2018

Below are two pictures included in the calendar: can you guess which months they illustrate? 😉


I’ve been rather sloppy, recently. I wrote some articles, then kept postponing the following ones. As a result, my publishing rate has dwindled. Time management is a crucial issue to many people these days, and I’m no exception. It’s simply way too easy to waste my time on the internet rather than do something meaningful but that requires more effort.
Before we go any further, I would like to recommend a TED Talk a friend of mine posted on Facebook recently: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator, by Tim Urban (check for subtitles, they are probably available in your language if you want them).

In this video, Tim describes situations so familiar to me that I was comforted in my recent thoughts about further developments at Eiwawar. More than the publishing rate, it’s the way I write that annoys me. Basically, I’m like “OK, let’s write something for Saturday”, then on Saturday, after days of postponing, “OK, let’s do this”. Pressed by time, I write an article, spend my afternoon on it, and finish it on time, usually an hour or two before my publishing time, around 22.00. The panic monster has struck.


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[fr] De talentueux bloggers

This article is about two French bloggers dear to my heart.  Since they write in French, I decided to use the same language. Nevertheless, even if you don’t understand a word (please don’t say ‘baguette’), you’d be well advised to click on the links… at least to enjoy the pictures! Birds and landscapes, how could it be any better?


Dans le cadre de mon “projet” (c’est bien trop pompeux pour ce que c’est) Remarkable People, cela fait bien longtemps que j’ai envie de vous présenter deux bloggers ornitho assez géniaux. N’hésitez pas à faire un saut chez eux, ça leur fera plaisir !

Jérôme – De Bec et de plumes


Lagopède alpin – Islande © De Bec et de Plumes

Après un fructueux passage en Guadeloupe, Jérôme est de retour dans le sud de la France. Le lien en tête est celui de son premier blog, qui nous emmène dans les Antilles bien sûr, mais aussi en Floride, en Afrique, en Islande… j’en passe, et des meilleures ! Tout en simplicité, il raconte ses aventures avec force détails et photos… on en redemande, et on espère que la suite, sur le second blog, sera du même niveau. Personnellement, j’ai peu de doutes 😉
Au passage, Jérôme est un de mes premiers “fan” ici sur WordPress, et quand je ne vois pas de “like” dans la semaine qui suit l’arrivée d’un nouvel article, je commence à m’inquiéter ^^
Merci !

Sébastien – De faune en flore


Hverfjall – Islande © De Faune en Flore

Encore un fou de nature, encore un globe-trotter, et un photographe de talent pour ne rien gâcher… actuellement en pleine rédaction d’un flamboyant “Petit dictionnaire illustré” (qui n’a de petit que le nom, soit dit en passant) de l’Islande, Sébastien nous a auparavant proposé des balades dans l’Ouest américain, dans le Pacifique… Difficile de ne pas se régaler. Un petit défaut quand même ? Oh, ben on aimerait bien ne pas avoir à attendre autant entre deux articles :p (Oui, je taquine)

Voilà voilà. Je manque un peu d’inspiration ce soir, mais pas grave, ces deux là en ont à revendre ! Allez leur rendre visite, et suivez les, ça vaut le coup !

Photo d’en tête © De Bec et de Plumes