The third largest city in Hungary, Szeged lies in the Hungarian steppe close to the Serbian and Romanian borders, at the confluence of the Tisza and Maros rivers. Marci and I travelled there on my fourth day in the country, we made a short break in the city before moving east. Szeged is often called the “city of sunshine”, and it was sunny indeed when we were there.

It was also much warmer than in Budapest, and many people enjoyed the evening in the streets, playing in a fountain or strolling on the riverside.

Szeged is an important university town in Hungary. Some buildings surround the Dóm square, where we found some students, maybe chemists based on the blouses, on a photoshoot. The Cathedral and the Dömötör tower form the fourth side of the square, one of the largest in the country (some 12 000 square-meters).

The Cathedral, with the Dömötör Tower on the left

It was pleasant to walk in this summer atmosphere, with swifts flying above our heads and swallows nesting under the arcades. The rather modern look of the city originated in the flood of 1879, which destroyed most of the buildings, after which Emperor Franz Joseph decreed Szeged would be re-built more beautiful than it had been.

By the river, we found a scale reminding of the recent record water levels, topped by 2006. We also saw a monument to the Golden Team, the legendary Hungarian football squad from the fifties.

Further, we walked past the Móra Ferenc Múzeum, and found back the car in front of the city hall. From there, we set sail to new adventures in the puszta (new word, puszta = plains).

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