Anatomy of a Finnish sunset

I had spent the whole day inside, working on my computer. I went out before sunset, took my bike and rode along the shore to a place north of Hietaniemi. I tried some shoots, see how long of an exposure I could use, but it was cloudy, and I expected the evening to be very boring. I walked a bit to the south, to the marina I had noticed the day before. Suddenly, the clouds were lit from beneath, they seemed incandescent. I stopped, tried to make some pictures but the moment didn’t last.
hietaniemi I walked a bit further, and I realized that some strong colors were appearing again. I started to walk faster, and settled in a place by the shore, where I witnessed a fantastic show. One more in Fantastic Finland.
hietaniemi-2hietaniemi-3 At some points, a flock of ducks angled towards me. I guess that, in their mind, a man standing by the sea is very likely to feed them. Well I don’t feed ducks, but they stayed, and I included them in my composition, for better and for worst.


Here are two other sunset picture from Helsinki, taken this summer. Enjoy 🙂

My first HDR pic! Taken in Suomenlinna.
From the ferry that comes from Suomenlinna

Do you remember Kuusisaari?

24 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Finnish sunset

  1. What a gorgeous sunset, I am glad you were able to capture it! More than once I have packed my gear together thinking noting would happen, and than on my way home – boom! There it is, but then it is to late as it would all be gone before I get my gear up again:)

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    1. I know that feeling! I’m happy I did not give up that day, I was close 🙂
      (sorry for replying so late, I think your message slipped past my attention 😉 Thanks for your visit, I hope to see you again!)

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