Icy sunrise

After the snow came the sun. Often, it’s rain and warm temperatures that come and take the white cover away, but this day was to offer temperatures below zero from sunrise to sunset. That was the perfect opportunity to go out birdwatching, see the sun rise over the horizon and take pictures. Equipped with my winter jacket and my ski trousers, I was ready to brave the cold. Camera at the ready, I reached Staunings Ø minutes before sunrise, in this very special hour where everything is blue, everything but the horizon, which slowly turns orange.

Given the temperature, the ground was covered in something closer to ice than snow, and it was tricky to walk without falling. In some places, flood had occurred then frozen, offering the adventurer nothing but a path of ice to reach his destination, the sandbar separating the lagoon from the sea.

Would you dare?

Would you dare?

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