Sunrise in Budapest

After our escape to the wilderness, we were back in Budapest for a few days. Then I would have to fly back to Finland, but in the meantime I had things to do… the first one being to see the sun rise over the city. This time, the second day in a row, I couldn’t enlist Marci, so I woke up alone, tried not to wake up the cat who had elected to share my bed, and ran for the bus. I drowsed the whole way to Széll Kálmán tér, but then I energized myself and started to climb the Castle Hill.

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Tallinn, pearl of the Baltic

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This was one of the few sunny week-ends of these past weeks. On Saturday, a freezing walk in the forest didn’t yield the expected results in terms of photography, as there were very few birds around (some Blackbirds (Turdus merula) and a Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)), and I was too cold to stop and take my time. I walked, blinded by the rays of sun reflecting on the frozen ground. Behind the trees, I spotted a herd of Roe deers (Capreolus capreolus).

On Sunday morning, I was in the bus when I saw the horizon turn a deep orange, beyond the city. I met Patrick in the tram to the harbour, a curious coincidence that made us laugh since I had told him on the phone that we would meet “inside”… the ferry terminal, of course. So we met a bit earlier than expected, on our way to the harbour. I got a really smart smartphone this autumn only, and it was my first opportunity to use a digital ticket. So I scanned my phone, and it worked. Aah, technology…

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Helsinki by night

I’ve always found long-exposure photography fascinating. This smooth look this technique gives to water, especially waterfalls, is truly spellbinding, and the possibility to shoot light trails from cars’s lights is very exciting.

I don’t own a Neutral Density filter, so my experiments are limited to night time. Not a problem for me, there are many possibilities to explore before investing in new equipment. That day, I left the apartment at 11, in quest for interesting scenes. I wanted to capture a tram on Bulevardi; of course there wasn’t enough light for freezing it in movement, so I settled for some light trails, my very first!


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Wonders of Aarhus

When I discovered that Sólstafir was to give a single concert in Denmark this autumn, and that this would not be in Copenhagen, I was very disappointed. True, I had seen them in Helsinki last year, but this performance was not associated with kind memories: the acoustic had been awful all evening long, and the audience quite disrepectful, so since then I had longed for their come-back. I vaguely envisioned traveling to Aarhus for this concert, but it was on Monday, so I forgot about this idea… until the day I discovered that week 42 was a week of holiday at DTU. All of a sudden, this trip became really feasible! Therefore, before going on a bike expedition to south-west Jutland, I spent a afternoon and an evening in Aarhus. Follow the guide!

Now imagine a rider carrying another backpack...

Now imagine a rider carrying another backpack…

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