A walk in the mountains

Grand Veymont

Grand Veymont

In the Vercors mountain range (French Alps), a sunny walk to the highest summit, with a great reward once the bulk of the ascent was over.

Lake Luitel


A protected mountain mire in the Belledone range (French Alps), during the heat wave of summer 2015.

Col vert


When the heat scares all the birds away, there’s nothing left but a breathtaking landscape. Vercors range (French Alps).

Lac de Crop


In the Belledone range (French Alps), a small lake hides between high peaks.

Le Touret

Yes, this is where we came from!

A viewpoint surrounded by steep slopes in the Ecrins range (French Alps).

Pas de l’Œille

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex

In the fog or under menacing clouds, our day was saved by a herd of tame ibexes, which we saw eat and joust. Vercors range (French Alps).



Snow was notoriously absent, so we walked up to 2000m… in December. Kinda depressing, but great views anyway, for a family gathering. Chablais range (French Alps).

Dent de Crolles


Just before relocating to Finland, I climbed up the massive Dent de Crolles with my dad. The top was frosty, the view to the valley was blanked by the clouds, but to the north it was sunny. Chartreuse range (French Alps).