2019 in review

It might be a bit late to have a look back at year 2019, but life has been very busy since I came back to Finland in the beginning of the month and I haven’t had much time for the blog.

I started the year in Jaipur (India) with my family, taking a plane on that day to spend a few days by the sea in Goa. After that, I flew back to New Zealand for 9 more months of working holiday. I stayed on the South Island until mid-April, visiting wonderful Fiordland twice and living 2 months in Dunedin to volunteer for penguins on the peninsula. I then migrated north, visiting wonderful Castlepoint before reaching Rotorua, where I stayed for a month and gave a talk at the Rotorua Camera Club about my travelling through New Zealand.

I then had a three-week tour of the North Island with Vivien, visiting Taranaki in the process, and closed my year in kiwiland by a 1.5 month stay in the largest city, Auckland, exactly where it all started in August 2018. I spiced up that last stage with a week of volunteering on wonder island Tiritiri Matangi.

Finally, it was time to head back to Europe. I spent 10 days in Vanuatu, 3 weeks in Australia, and flew to Helsinki. In the end of October, I went to Grenoble with Vivien, then we crossed the Atlantic Ocean for 2 weeks in Martinique. Some more time at home, a short stopover in Hungary, then we were both back in Finland at the beginning of the year.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had pictures published in French nature magazine Terre Sauvage in September!

It was an eventful year, full of adventure, and I loved it. I learnt much about myself and what I like to do, and I’m planning to build upon that for the future.

I’m not sure what will happen to this blog in the future. My audience figure plummeted, with barely half the number of view compared to 2018, and fewer than in 2017. I posted less, but does that explain it all? I still like writing, but it doesn’t bring any money, so I’m keener on working towards more magazine publications. There will be more blog posts for sure, though, so stay tuned =)

Also, note that I am very late in my picture editing. I was already a few months behind when I left New Zealand, but my full-speed traveling in the following month only added to the stack of untouched images. Since then, I have either been relaxing or focusing on other things… but I’m slowly getting into it again! Make sure to follow me on Facebook and/or on Instagram to see new contents when it comes out 🙂

As a teaser, here is a view over Castlepoint, a true gem of the Eastern Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Take care 🙂


13 thoughts on “2019 in review

  1. I found you initially on Twitter and found you were blogging about your NZ trip so as a New Zealander I was very interested in seeing your great photographs and your travels here at this blog. I’ll still keep following and look forward to seeing your posts so I do hope you keep on with them. Best wishes, Liz.

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  2. Such a busy life, but you’re young, so why not pack it in now? 🙂 Sorry that your stats are down, but WP is a fast-moving stream– you have to keep throwing stuff in and stay engaged with others, who seem to have a short attention span, ha! I always enjoy seeing your photos and expect some day you will be ‘discovered’ by the big magazines. Your work is good but you will have to push your way into their faces, I fear, repeatedly! I hope you still post here, I’m not on Instagram, FB or Twitter that much. Best wishes to you, Samuel!

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    1. Eliza,
      It’s always very uplifting to read your comments here, I’m very grateful for your continuous support throughout the last few years. Thank you so much!
      Fear not, I will keep posting here!
      Take care 🙂


  3. Keep going !
    I do confess lacking time to go through each and every post, but persistence is key, keep shooting photos and knocking on doors 🙂

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