[fr] Je suis très heureux de voir mes photos publiées dans le magazine nature Terre Sauvage ! Le numéro 368 (Septembre 2019), en kiosque ce mois-ci, contient en effet un article sur mon voyage dans les îles subantarctiques de Nouvelle-Zélande et d’Australie, intitulé “Trésors australs”. Je suis trop content !


I’m delighted to announce that French nature magazine Terre Sauvage has published my pictures from the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia in their latest issue (#368 – September 2019)!

Seeing my images in such a magazine, one to which I was subscribed when I was a kid, feels like a great accomplishment. That professionals in this field deemed my photography worthy of publication is the proof that I’m doing something right, that there’s value in what I’m creating. It motivates me to go on, to keep showing my work to people, to stay creative and hope other such opportunities will arise…

I started contacting magazines long before I left on that cruise-expedition. Most never replied. Some said they were not interested. Terre Sauvage asked a few questions, showing some polite interest… our conversation ended as they told me to send them some images once I came back. Well, I did that!

They appreciated what I showed them, and agreed to publish the story, but not before the autumn. They would hire a journalist to write the text. That was in February, when I was in Dunedin. It felt great 😀

Time passed, and I migrated north to Rotorua, where I spent the month of May. There, I had a lengthy  Skype interview with journalist Floriane Dupuis. I told her everything about my adventures in the Southern Ocean.

And now the pictures are out. I’m happy 🙂

If you’re in France, do yourself a favour and check it out 😉
If you want to publish my images, please get in touch! Contact ->


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30 thoughts on “Published!

  1. Hello Samuel,
    Un petit saut dans la blogosphère et je découvre cette merveilleuse nouvelle.
    Je suis vraiment contente. Si ma mémoire ne me joue pas des tours, il me semble même te l’avoir prédit, il y a déjà longtemps (pas nécessairement “Terres Sauvages”, car, tout de même, je ne suis pas Mme Irma ;-)… mais de manière générale, par rapport à la qualité de tes photos.
    Génial, keep going on that way ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome 😀 the first of many I hope !
    well deserved, backed by hundred of hours of hard work and learning, félicitations !!


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