Opening of my print shop

I have thought about selling prints of my pictures for a long time, even before a reader here (maybe she’ll recognize herself) suggested it. It’s taken me some time to figure it out, but here it is: behold my print shop in its first iteration.

There you can buy almost any of my pictures, on three different media: a fine art print (on high quality paper), a canvas (like a painting) or an aluminium plate, so called Dibond (with the picture directly printed on it).

Why not buy this new picture, which I had never shown before?

I’ve tried to offer prices between relative affordability for you and reasonable income for me; I have no prior experience in pricing, and this may require some adjustments in the future.
What I’m offering to you are quality products from one of the best labs on the market. They will look good on your wall.
By buying them, you also help me improve my photography and bring you more content from the entire world 😉

Launch offer: until the end of August, delivery is free for sizes 60x40cm or larger! Mention it when you take contact with me 🙂

The link again: my print shop!


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