Frozen mountains

Today, we’re continuing down Memory Lane with a gallery of pictures I took when I was at home, in December last year.

From my room, I have a great view over the Belledone mountain range and Chamrousse, the closest ski resort. I’ve already shown you a couple of photographs I made on a brilliant morning in this music-inspired article. Thanks to the telelens, it feels like we are witnessing sunrise from the front ranks, even though I was shooting from the comfort of home.

This tantalizing show of course encouraged me to plan an early morning escape to the mountain itself. Winter hadn’t been very cold yet, and I was craving for snow, so I got up before everyone (something I’m not unfamiliar with, as you know), took the car and drove up.
It was cloudy when I left, but where I was going, I expected to stand above the clouds (not something one can hope for in Helsinki…). I was right, but before getting there, I had to cut the clouds themselves with my headlights, driving slowly for fear of driving off the road. Luckily I knew the road, and there was noone else around, meaning I didn’t risk being hit from behind by an overconfident pilot. Eventually I emerged from the gloom. I parked at the entrance of the Arselle cross-country skiing domain, a place I’ve often visited with my family.

This time I took the pedestrian track, and roamed the area before sunrise, witnessing track maintenance first-hand.

The first skiers arrived as the sun passed above the ridge. My job was done there, so I drove a bit futher down, to the Luitel reserve. That’s a place I showed you back in 2016, in a much warmer context. If not for the road running nearby, it would have been a very quiet place.

I walked among the pine trees still encased in night frost, trying to ignore my feet slowly but steadily getting cold.

In the evening, sunset painted the sky in shades of pink I could again admire from home.

The pictures above might give you a very wintery impression. Let’s fix this, for it doesn’t really describe my holiday well. A few days later, on New Year’s Eve, I went on a walk with my family. We went to Romage, on the slopes of a hill that overlooks Grenoble.

There it looked much more like autumn, as if the first snow of the year had only been scattered on the mountain tops… which was pretty much the case indeed!

But the day was warm, too warm for December, and the fields were green. Luckily, February and March in Finland later proved to be worth the wait 😉


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5 thoughts on “Frozen mountains

  1. Beautiful photos, as always, Samuel. I esp. love the lavender light with fir tree silhouettes.
    I must say, having just been freed from winter, I didn’t like revisiting the cold! I might have appreciated better the snowy scenes in the dog days of August – lol! 😉

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    1. Thank you Eliza! Here we’re having a “warm” spell (for Finland it’s warm), a very unexpected one, and it’s lasted since the beginning of the month, so it’s not that bad to go back to winter for a while (but I must confess it, I’m enjoying the current weather to the fullest)

      Liked by 1 person

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