Snippets of autumn

Today, I would like to share with you a few more pictures of last autumn. Overall, I didn’t spend much time outside, for it rained a lot, especially… on weekends, of course. However, I spent a weekend at a friend’s cottage near Riihimäki.

We stopped in Hyvinkää, a small town.

Then we were at the cottage (mökki, in Finnish). I helped her take care of the estate, which involved gathering logs and splitting them with a heavy, monstrous machine.

Do you recognize the place? I brought you days in the early days of this blog, when I traveled with my brother to transfer my belongings from Helsinki to Copenhagen. Seems like it was ages ago…

There will be a second article this week, for I have great news to announce… stay tuned!


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9 thoughts on “Snippets of autumn

    1. Thanks Glenda, and welcome! What brings you to Finland? You’ll see, it’s a beautiful land (you can have a look at the rest of my blog, there’s quite a lot of material ^^)!

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