October last year. Not so long before, I was visiting Lapland with friends from France. There, the woods had gleamed of the many colors of autumn. Then we had flown back to Helsinki, to find that autumn had arrived there as well. A few weeks later, my friend Hauke was visiting Finland, for his graduation. We had met at Aalto University 3 years prior, and so a chapter was closed.

After the party, he stayed at my place for a couple of days. As often when I have guests, I suggested a little adventure; that’s how we found ourselves westbound, in a rental car, for a walk in Teijo National Park. This is a forest-and-lake area (like many in Finland, let’s be honest), which emblem is the Grey-headed woodpecker (Picus canus). We didn’t see that bird, but we had a good hike.

The weather conditions we faced were quite crazy: we started to walk under grey skies, but a few kilometers later they opened and the sun shone (“what is this sorcery?”, I wondered). However, the dark clouds were ominous: there was more to come.

Notice the very tiny bit of blue sky!

Soon after, we faced a harsh rain that forced us to find shelter at a fire place; its occupants had just abandoned it, and it took only a little blowing to revive the fire.

There, we waited for the end of the storm by trying to decipher an old newspaper that had been left in the shed. We had little success, but fortunately the rain subsided and we could continue. We hesitated, but I checked the precipitation map on ilmatieteenlaitos and it showed we had a brief respite before more rain was due. So we walked more, got a bit lost and eventually found our car without being soaked.

As you can see, my friend is a photographer as well, so we didn’t walk very fast… but it was not our goal anyway, and we enjoyed our time in Teijo.

Kiitos, Hauke, it was a pleasure to have you in rainy Finland 😉


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7 thoughts on “Teijo

  1. Such a lovely wild place, with weather and skies to match! Seeing the boardwalk reminds me of a bog near me that has similar, so we can explore the bog without damaging it. I did a post about it last fall – probably around the same time you were walking yours. 🙂

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