Holiday on ice

After the birds and the northern lights, let me show you the rest of our trip in Lapland. Between Ivalo and Karasjok, we saw, well… mostly snow and trees, but also magical lights. Behold!

Day 0


When we arrived, we drove to the end of the road, near Koppelo. There, we saw a car and several snowmobiles parked… on the river, basically. During this delicious introduction to winter Lapland, we realized just how much snow there was at these latitudes.

Day 1

The day after, we all had our own activities: husky safari, reindeer safari or bird photography. In the afternoon, I climbed to Kaunispää, where a little bit of tykkylumi awaited me, like in Koli! The sun shone the whole day, and in the evening we saw our first northern lights.

Day 2

In the morning, we woke up to a grey sky and a light snowfall, but the sun timidly appeared after breakfast. On the way to Inari, we stopped and braved the bitter cold for a few pictures. I walked along the Juutuanjoki river while my friends visited the Siida museum, which I had already seen in autumn. The rapids had moved the ice under the snow, next to the Sami Parliament of Finland.
In the evening, we arrived in Giellajohka, where we would spend 3 days. Traces in the snow, cold mornings and gorgeous sunsets were our daily lot there… as for our nightly lot, it was made of auroras dancing in the sky.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

When we left, we first drove to Karasjok, in Norway, to see the Sami Parliament of Norway. Then, we took a small road that led us to Angeli and then Inari. We saw reindeers (they are as stupid as sheep, if not more, it seems) and 4 mooses, my first ones! A great emotion, immortalized only with a few bad shots I won’t show you. I’ll keep the memory in my head 😉

Day 6

There were a few centimeters of fresh snow when we awoke to our last morning in Lapland. We played with Ida, the house’s dog, then fled back to the airport. Late in the night, we were back in Helsinki.


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