We are now back to Lapland, for the end of our September trip.

From Rovaniemi, we have driven north, and after 3 days, we have now reached the shores of Lake Inari. If you remember, the weather was not particularly good in the previous days: low clouds were our daily lot, complemented with permanent drizzle and soaked soils. It hasn’t improved.

Quite the opposite actually: today is the worst day of our trip, it’s rained since the morning and it should rain until late in the night. Hopefully the days to come will be brighter. Our AirBnB is quite close to the previous one, but we have nothing to do with our day, hikes do not sound very appealing, so we take the road and drive to Inari, even if it means we have to go back later. There, we visit Siida, the Sámi and northern nature museum.

If you happen to be in the area one day, I warmly recommend it. It looks rather outdated, but it abounds with information. It’s a good way to know about the region, especially on a rainy day.

When we get out, the weather is still the same. It’s late enough to check-in though, so we go back to Ivalo. We take a small road, then a dirt track, then a smaller dirt track that climbs steep in the hills! There, we are welcome by Marja and her two dogs.

Marja is an artist, and her work decorates her house, which she built herself. She is also super-friendly and easy-going, and discussion starts naturally with her. She shows us the house, and we talk about our lives. That’s what I like with AirBnB rentals, bonding with locals, even if it’s only for a few minutes. In addition, inside Finland there’s always a sauna waiting to be lit 😀
This time, though, Alexis is very impressed by the kitchen and its 1-meter-wide drawers. It looks good indeed!

My friends are tired, but I manage to find some energy to climb up the hill. The view is kinda hindered by trees, but the bushes are shining in red and orange in the darkness.

We are not courageous enough to light up the wood sauna and dip into the lake, so we content ourselves with the electric sauna and some pasta with smoked salmon as dinner. In the living room, my boots are drying in front of the wood oven.

In the morning, I will wake up early for bird photography… with results you’ve already seen 😉


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7 thoughts on “Endure

  1. Bien que je concède que ce temps maussade ne soit pas des plus agréables pour la rando, je trouve l’ambiance qui ressort de tes photos très belle, apaisante. C’est magnifique. Cette maison a l’air également très chaleureuse, un vrai petit nid douillet 🙂


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