Snow in Stockholm

After a quick jump to Budapest, where I stayed with my friend Marci and had a blast in his studio, I flew to Stockholm for work. The bad idea was to fly to Helsinki on Sunday evening only to fly out again to Sweden on the morning after; it would have made much more sense to fly directly to Stockholm and sleep a bit longer than 3 hours. Still learning.

After two days of work with a new RELEX customer, my colleague Pessi and I were exhausted, but we had a bit of free time before the flight back, and I had never seen Stockholm… so we left the office and had a one-hour walk in the city. It had snowed since the morning, and my excitement had grown consequently: you know, I love the white stuff 😉

I was also quite happy to see the Swedish capital, finally. I had never really had the opportunity to go, but this lack is now corrected! I had visited Malmö, but this was a different story: it was summer, and we had mostly seen the newer neighbourhoods. In Stockholm, we walked to the Old Town (Gamla Stan), where we ran some picturesque, twisting, narrow streets. The whole city gave this impression of an ageless, unmovable settlement, which I tried to bring up in my pictures with a very warm tone.

None of us feared this adverse weather; quite the opposite, we revelled in it! That’s why I was sad we had only one hour to spare.

I’ll be back


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