Modern art

On the first Friday of the month, there is free entrance to Kiasma, Helsinki’s museum of Contemporary Art. Since the exhibitions change constantly, I like to take advantage of this opportunity to “culture” myself. I visited with my dad in February, but the first time I was there was in September last year, and I showed it to you here -> click!

The first exhibition was ARS17, showing works heavily influenced by digital media. The best one was maybe ASLAP (AS Long As Possible), by Juha van Ingen. A 1000-year long animation showing but a number for 10 minutes, then the next one for the next 10 minutes, etc. After 1000 years, the animation starts again. Yes.

Other works in this exhibition:

What I like in Kiasma, besides the art (to which I don’t understand much, let’s face it), is the architecture: the building itself is modern, and beautiful in many ways.

Then came the five candidates to Ars Fennica this year, the most prestigious art award in Finland. There, I liked Nature Morte, from Pekka and Teija Isorättyä, with its flowers and surgery scissors.

Another work in this exhibition:

At the museum, I also really like to watch people, to see how they experience the visit, how they react to it.

Korakrit Arunanondchai, an artist from Bangkok, had taken over the last floor. As often in Kiasma, I saw very disturbing things there, but I was also impressed by the desarticulate structures mingling organic feels and metallic frames in a very post-apocalyptical manner.

So, how do you feel?


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