A weekend in Texel: tulips (V)

Most of our day was devoted to birdwatching along the Utopia wetland, a large area made of sand and water that hosts lots of geese, waders and spoonbills. The path is restricted to pedestrians and bikers, therefore birding is quite relaxed, and the distance still allows some quality observations; I was happy to show some spoonbills to the whole family, especially when one started to fish right in front of us.

Brant goose (Branta bernicla)

Of course, outside of the protected areas we saw more sheep. Those fluffy rascals backed up when we approached the fences, but as soon as we offered some grass from the other side, they came and ate from our hands. Grass is always greener in the other field.

I made our sunset colourful.

Texel is not a large island, so after three days of wandering, we had been on some roads several times already. I had spotted a location near the main passageway, with tulips to the west, where I would have liked to see the sunset. I convinced my family to go there, and we walked along the field, admiring all the different varieties lined up there.

In the distance, a church rose above the flat landscape, and further the sun set a veil of clouds ablaze, offering a gorgeous orange-pinkish background. I took my loyal Elmer out of my pocket and started a photoshoot.

Elmer and friends

Brown hare (Lepus europaeus)

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