A weekend in Texel: Arrival (I)

Texel, in the Netherlands, is the first of the Frisian Islands, a series of isles that dot the coast of the North Sea, all the way up to South-West Jutland, in Denmark.

This trip, in the end of April, was a family reunion. Kevin was studying in Delft this year, and my parents spent a week in the region. I joined them for the three-day weekend, meeting them at the airport before driving to Texel. On the way, I was astonished by the sheer number of birds along the road: swans, geese, ducks, coots or grebes were everywhere! At that time, it was still pretty much winter in Finland (chilly weather lingered very late this year), so this abundance was a shock. Oh, and you’ll notice those birds I listed are all waterfowl: that’s because the Netherlands are a wet country. It’s obvious as soon as the plane goes down a little bit: canals, lakes, rivers… there’s water everywhere.

The evening was lovely, the warm light illuminated unending fields of tulips, but there was no time for a break, for the ferry was waiting for us in Den Helder. With two access ramps, the terminal was particularly interesting to study, and so was the Royal Netherlands Navy main base.

Given their enthusiasm, gulls there are used to be fed by passengers. As a naturalist, I disapproved this behaviour, but as a photographer, I was thrilled about the photo opportunities. Since I couldn’t change the world, I decided to have fun, and fun I had, with this capture as a proof, if you will 🙂

Herring gull (Larus argentatus)

You may have seen it on Facebook already: I’m quite late in my writing/picture editing, but there are always some recent shots on my page there.

In the morning, I planned an adventure for sunrise, which prompted puzzled looks from my family. I think it’s still difficult for them to realize how much I’ve changed these past two years… but more on that walk in the next article!

Bird inventory

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