Clear skies

After the storm, I woke up at 4 to see the sun rise. I emerged from the house in 50 cm of fresh snow: Sunday morning, a private yard, of course noone had cleaned the way up there. So I made my own trace in the pristine duvet, and roamed the streets of Bjørnevatn, which serenity was only troubled by the din of loaders moving the snow off the road.

I looked for a good spot for pictures, but couldn’t really find anything interesting. There was this hill looming over the village, with ski jumping ramps on its slopes, but it looked remote, and I had absolutely no idea how to access it.

After completing a circle, I realized that the road running right in front of the house where we had slept might well be the answer… I climbed up instead of down, and soon found myself ascending a snowmobile track, and then a ski slope.

Up there, the scenery was breathtaking (and not only because the way up was very steep): to the south, I could see frozen lakes winding between wooden hills, and to the north, I could imagine the sea, hidden behind some more hills. To the east, the sun was caressing the rooftops with its warm golden rays.

I felt adventurous, so I started to climb up a jumping ramp. The side stairs were okay, but when I was up there, along the ramp itself, halfway to the top, I noticed some cracks and holes in the next steps… I cautiously stayed where I stood, enjoying the light and the view.

When I reached our house, I saw Marci, who had just emerged himself, go on a walk. I went inside, swallowed a well deserved breakfast, and started packing for the trip north. In the evening, we would sleep on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

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