Colors of winter

When people think about the Finnish winter, their first thought usually is: “snow”. And then, when they get to know the country a little bit more, especially the south of it, they think: “grey”. Yes, snow but not enough to cover everything, and then it melts quickly, creating this depressing pools of slush stirred by the passage of cars and buses. Not to mention the clouds.

I totally understand this feeling: I love snow, I love to see it fall and hide the roads, and attenuate all the sounds. I love the sight of a city wrapped in a blanket of peace, and I always get distressed when temperatures rise again. When snow stops falling, I hate to see those endless, boring grey skies, and I start dreaming about sunny days. Or more snow. Usually I dream about a return of the snow.

When I went to Kontiolahti to view the Biathlon World Championship, I saw a wonderful sunset over the frozen lake, and it was a revelation: there is beauty out there, waiting for me!


Indeed, in the midst of this gloom, against the odds, there are hidden gems: completely clear skies are rare, but that’s alright because clouds mean reflections, so brighter colors for a longer time. Where do I sign?

seurasaari seurasaari-2 malminkartanonhuippu

Whenever I see a sky like this one, I remember why I came back to settle in Finland.

seurasaari-3 malminkartanonhuippu-2

Furthermore, in Helsinki buildings themselves can be very colorful! In some areas, red brick leads the way, but in others, each building has its own hue, often a warm tone that makes it a comforting sight on a cold day.


Finally, I want to add my feathered friends to this post, because they too bring colors to the Finnish winter. The most common out there is the Great tit (Parus major), and when it perches in dogwood, the red from the bushes complement the green and yellow from the bird quite nicely.

Great tit (Parus major)
Great tit (Parus major)
Great tit
Great tit

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12 thoughts on “Colors of winter

    1. As you should! (but don’t forget sunrises)
      That said, if you want to add a few items to your newborn list of preconceptions, I suggest “forest” and “lakes”. Those are safe bets here :p

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