Unterlinden Museum

I spent the last week-end in Alsace, visiting family with my parents. All my close relatives live there, so we usually spend time with them, seldom going out to visit this beautiful region. This time was different though, as we went to the Unterlinden Museum, in Colmar. It was the first time my cousin and I visited this place, but although my parents, uncle and aunt had been there when they were kids, the recent renovation made it feel all new for them as well.

The highlight of the visit is the Retable d’Issenheim, a majestic painting from the 16th century, which contains several layers that unfold like a book. It’s a piece of religious art, made for sick people to pray. It was originally located in the Monastery of St Anthony (Couvent des Antonins), but was moved during the Revolution. Read more about it here.

Retable d'Issenheim, pic by grego1402 via Flickr
Retable d’Issenheim, pic by grego1402 via Flickr

I didn’t take any picture of the Retable, because I didn’t think I would write an article, at that time. However, I enjoyed more the rest of the museum, which hosts paintings covering the whole history, including artists like Renoir and Picasso.


More than the art itself, I loved watching visitors pausing…


shooting the art…


or the description of the art.


I tried to find new perspectives, to freeze people on tape whithout bothering them.

unterlinden-15 unterlinden-11


It’s really different from what I’m used to (again), but I can’t restrain myself to nature photography. This said, the next article is about nature, so stay tuned 😀


Source for the picture of the Retable

unterlinden-10 unterlinden-3 unterlindenunterlinden-17unterlinden-18

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  1. Desolée. I will stop. I meant that the painting, is like a dream of water, and I was thanking you for your patronage of my blog, for following it, you are Mr Number 90. 🙂 Much appreciated. Alors, ca suffice! Bye!

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