From Kiasma to Suomenlinna

Kiasma is Helsinki’s Modern Art Museum. Set near the station, in the city center, it occupies a modern building as fits its status. I know reactions to modern art can be really diverse, from worship to rejection. A friend of mine doesn’t like it, because she doesn’t understand it. I think I like it because I don’t understand it.
Not that I understand the other forms of art, but there’s something… funny in most of what I saw at Kiasma. I’m not going to comment the pictures, I’ll just let you enjoy them. However, I want to say that I really liked the way the museum and the artists let the visitors interact with the works of art: you can walk in a forest of plastic or sit in strange hammocks, or smell what was left inside some pots…

It was a really weird experience, one I cannot really describe, much less explain, but I liked it.
The entrance is free on the first Friday of the month (guess when I went!), so if you’re around, take a look 😉
After my visit to Kiasma, I paid a visit to my beloved Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna is an island out of Helsinki harbour, accessible by ferry and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I talked about it shortly in my guide to Helsinki last year, but I went there again in the beginning of the month and it was as beautiful as I remembered it, so I wanted to share some more pictures.
We first went to Länsi Mustasaari. It’s very peaceful, but constantly swept by the wind. Some places on the island are better protected, but Suomenlinna is globally a windy place, like Helsinki as a whole. Most tourist go directly to the south of the island. On the east, if you are on time, you can almost touch the ferry from Tallinn by extending the arm.
Summer might not be the best season, but you always see birds in Suomenlinna, or on the ferry.

House sparrow (Passer domesticus)
House sparrow
Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus)

Finally, the best place for sunset might well be the ferry, for you have the skyline between you and the sun.


13 thoughts on “From Kiasma to Suomenlinna

  1. Trop belle et charmant, particularment les oiseaux! (I’m not utterly au fait with my French these days but even so, I tried!) Lovely. And the quality of the light is everything.~ P ~

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    1. De rien, et bien sur, I try! Studied it in school a long while ago. Find that people take you a little more seriously if you make the effort. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes, that’s something I realized both in Finland and in Denmark… and then people tell you “oh but you speak very well” even though you’re barely able to put a few words together, that makes me proud but a bit embarrassed as well 😀


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