Helsinki by night

I’ve always found long-exposure photography fascinating. This smooth look this technique gives to water, especially waterfalls, is truly spellbinding, and the possibility to shoot light trails from cars’s lights is very exciting.

I don’t own a Neutral Density filter, so my experiments are limited to night time. Not a problem for me, there are many possibilities to explore before investing in new equipment. That day, I left the apartment at 11, in quest for interesting scenes. I wanted to capture a tram on Bulevardi; of course there wasn’t enough light for freezing it in movement, so I settled for some light trails, my very first!


I moved to a tram stop, so I could still get a picture similar to the one I was looking for. I’ll have to go back, as I didn’t see any tram from an older generatione (and at that time, they show up every twenty minutes only, so you’d better be patient…).


I moved down Bulevardi and made my way to Esplanadi, eventually reaching Kauppatori.


The harbour was covered in fog, creating an uncanny atmosphere I enjoyed. It was a Saturday evening, so the city was vibrant with life, party-goers and Pokemon hunters altogether; however, the docks were rather quiet, a welcome relief after such a fuss.


My next stop was the Senate Square, silent as I had never seen it. The cathedral was majestic like always, a white sentinel keeping watch while the crowd revelled.


The Ministry of Defense was the last sight to catch my attention before I could finally go to sleep, at 1 in the morning.


11 thoughts on “Helsinki by night

  1. Nice series, Samuel. I imagine if you tried this late at night here in the US, cops would be questioning your motives. Sadly, things feel like they are going from bad to worse here ever since 9/11. 😦 I wish I had a magic wand to reset time.

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