Daytrip to Malmö

When Marci and Linda, my friends from Hungary, visited me in Copenhagen, we walked a lot in the city and saw many things. We also escaped to Malmö, on the other side of the Öresund, for a short sightseeing trip. On a sunny day, we took the bus to the Central Station, took a train to the airport, had our IDs checked there before getting into another train, had our IDs checked inside this very train when we reached Sweden, and finally emerged from the underground Central Station of Malmö under the blazing sun.

Turning Torso

We hadn’t done our homework, so we were not really sure what we wanted to do there. Our only objective was the Turning Torso, an impressively twisted skyscraper set by the sea. So we walked slowly towards it, discovering the modern Västra Hamnen neigbourhood as it unfolded before our eyes. Everything was really peaceful, kids played and gulls pilfered food from McDonalds.

My friends
My friends, back to childhood


The 190m-tall building, built in 2005, was inspired by a marble piece called Twisting Torso, which represents a twisted human body. It houses both offices and apartments. I wonder what it feels like living in such a building, and I wonder what it looks like inside…


We had lunch by the shore, watching teenagers play with water and spotting the arrival of the daily Airbus A380 from Dubai.


We then walked to the city center, strolled a bit in the park and stopped inside the castle’s compound. Based on what we read in the tourist guide, we decided to visit the Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus (Science and Maritime house). If you happen to drop in Malmö, I highly recommend this museum, it’s extremely rich: planes, trains, cars and motorbikes rest inside; we even visited a submarine!

malmö-10 malmö-12 malmö-9 malmö-11 malmö-13

We also read about Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, and Carl Linnaeus, the “father of modern taxonomy” (he developed a new classification for living beings, the one we still used today). The top floor of the museum was dedicated to scientific experiment, but we didn’t have time to try them all before being asked to leave.

malmö-14 malmö-16 malmö-17 malmö-15 malmö-18

We walked a bit in the city center, but after the museum, everything felt quite boring, so we didn’t stay long and took the train back (without ID check, this time).

Shot by András Márton
Shot by András Márton

Note: my friend Márton is a very good photographer (and a good teacher, he taught me a lot last year in Helsinki), so pay him a visit at Even if, like me, you don’t understand anything at what’s written, you can still enjoy the pictures 😉

malmö-19 malmö-8 malmö-21

6 thoughts on “Daytrip to Malmö

  1. Bonjour Samuel,
    Merci pour ce regard d’enfant joyeux…. Sans être professionnelle, je trouve le gros plan sur la tour très recherchée, magnifiant l’architecture torsadée !
    A bientôt…. je serai absente quelques temps à partir de la fin de semaine et ai écrit ce qui sera probablement le dernier topic du mois de juillet…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cette tour est vraiment incroyable et ta photo en contre-plongée la met formidablement bien en valeur, j’adore ! Les photos prises au musée sont très chouettes également, les gros plans sont très réussi, j’aime beaucoup 🙂 Merci pour cette petite visite dans ce pays que je connais pas encore 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. C’est pas juste gentil, c’est toujours sincère 🙂 Quand ce sera moche, je te le dirai aussi du coup et je suis pas certain que tu apprécieras autant… mais bon, en même temps, vu que tu sembles t’améliorer à chaque sortie photo, c’est pas pour tout de suite les critiques acides 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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