Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile is a moving dune located around 15 km south of Skagen. What an odd sight to see this heap of sand emerge from the pine forest. 40 meters high and covering an area of 1 square kilometer, the dune moves 15-20 meters to the East every year, leaving behind it a barren land occupied by small lakes.



Behind the dune, a wasteland
Behind the dune, a wasteland

Sculpted by the wind, Råbjerg Mile slowly eats the forest, threatening houses and roads that stand on its way to Kattegat.

Taken from Google maps
Taken from Google maps

mile-3 mile-2 mile-7

And I thought Denmark was a flat, green and rainy country…

> Nordjylland on Flickr


5 thoughts on “Råbjerg Mile

    1. Ben non, on n’a rien vu là-bas. Enfin, comme tu l’as lu dans l’article précédent, on a pas vu beaucoup d’oiseaux dans le coin, à ce moment-là.
      Par contre je sais que c’est un bon endroit pour quelques oiseaux nicheurs (Wood sandpiper ?).

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