Defecto @ High Voltage

After the shock CABAL, I was back to town for the great show of another rising band from Copenhagen. Defecto presented their first album to a sold-out High Voltage, and the least I can say is that this was a show full of energy. Surprisingly, it started with the broadcasting of two music videos (one never shown before, if my modest command of danish didn’t mislead me), and then the band took the stage.


I guess an important part of the audience involved friends and family; I saw many generations there, and people I wouldn’t expect to see in a traditional metal concert. The atmosphere was festive, every one looked very pleased to share this moment.

defecto defecto-7

As for the band, well, technically they were quite impressive, and besides a few weak songs, their Progressive/Power metal was very convincing. Their energy, their complicity and their obvious talent were a sight to behold.

defecto-6 defecto-4 defecto-9

From the point of view of the photographer, conditions were quite different from KB18: the stage was placed higher (maybe one meter above the floor), lights were more diverse and really lightened up the musicians. I still got plenty of blurred shots, but at least they were bright =D
Here is my best work from this night.


Thank you very much to the band, for the show but also for letting me in without paying, I appreciated a lot. I wish you all the best for the future!

defecto-5 defecto-10 defecto-3

> Defecto on Flickr

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