Helsinki on kaunis kesäkaupunki

“Helsinki is a beautiful summer city”
That is one of the first sentences in Finnish I learnt last year. I didn’t really understood what it meant at that time, because it was already the end of August: the weather was still good, but the days were getting chillier. I learnt Finland was not a place where you want to go out without a rain jacket, even if the sun shines bright 😀

A grey autumn came, and then a warm winter which lingered until Vappu and the end of April. On the first of May, the Hop-on Hop-off tourist buses started to roam the streets, the temperatures timidly rose above ten degrees, and I put my winter coat back in the wardrobe. This was the beginning of a lovely period, sunny and warm (kinda warm, at least). I had few lectures at that time, so I spent a lot of time outside, exploring the city and some wild areas nearby, on unforgettable photowalks with my friend Márton. I keep fond memories of that time, memories that surfaced again when I went through all my pictures a few weeks ago.

Since I wasn’t writing this blog back then, you may not have seen them yet. Moreover, the weather these days is not always pretty, so I thought a cure of sun would be beneficial to all of us. Will you follow me?


When I selected these pictures, I realized that many of them were taken during a trip to Suomenlinna, this fortress-island classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s one of my favourite places in Helsinki: peaceful and beautiful, with birds and a warm sunset caressing the stony shore. I really recommend it.

The Cathedral, from the ferry to Suomenlinna
Northern wheatear in Suomenlinna
Länsi-Musta, Suomenlinna
Länsi-Musta, Suomenlinna
Helsinki, from the ferry to Suomenlinna

When it got too cold, we would just take the ferry back, usually witnessing the sun set behind the city.

Helsinki, from the ferry to Suomenlinna

By the way, Denmark definitely has nice sunrises, but the “Best sunsets” award goes to Finland. Period.

Bridge between Ruoholahti and Lauttasaari

Birdlife in Helsinki is vibrant, no need to go far to experience breathtaking encounters.

Black-headed gull, Suomenoja
Barn swallow, Suomenlinna
Sedge warbler, Suomenoja
Northern wheatear, Suomenlinna
Northern lapwing, Laajalahti
Great spotted woodpecker (young), Seurasaari

One day, I stayed up late in the night, editing pictures or playing video games, I don’t remember. When I was about to go to bed, a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook, and we started to chat for an hour or two. It was three in the morning, and I wasn’t even tired, so I decided to go see the sun rise over the city. Did that excursion trigger my current taste for sunrises? I don’t know, but this walk in the sleepy city, silence only broken by birds and dustmen, was thrilling. I went to the harbour and waited for the sun to appear, then walked back and went to bed!

Helsinki at sunrise
Helsinki at sunrise

I miss this city…

> Helsinki on Flickr


17 thoughts on “Helsinki on kaunis kesäkaupunki

    1. Ok. Merci ! 🙂
      C’est ce genre de photo où tu as un éclair de génie dont tu te rends compte en regardant tes photos sur ton PC: “mais comment j’ai pu avoir cette idée ?” =D

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    2. Et un jour, tu vas nous faire quitter le froid pour nous faire une petite présentation de Maurice ? (oui, je sais, ça n’a rien à voir) 🙂 et je parle de l’île Maurice, pas du voici de tes grands-parents.

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