A walk in the mountains – Pas de l’Œille

The A Walk in the mountains series

Before diving into 2016, and while a few pictures from past holidays await treatment on my hard drive, I want to head back to the month of August. I was back from my road-trip in Scandinavia, and a few days away from leaving to Copenhagen. My father and I drove to Villard-de-Lans, in the mountain range of Vercors. From there, we walked up to a pass called Pas de l’Œille. We barely saw the sun, but sometimes clouds create such dramatic sceneries that we can’t really miss the astral disc.


On the way, as we were taking a rest in the middle of a scree, I spotted the first surprise of the day: a wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria) exploring a nearby cliff. It lifted our spirits benumbed by the chilly weather.



Under the pass, the path was getting steeper, but the second surprise didn’t take long to appear: a host of young and female Alpine ibexes (Capra ibex) was roaming high in the mountain, some of them chasing each other of slippery rocks, showing tremendous balance skills on the edge of a chasm.

Alpine ibex (Capra ibex)

Alpine ibex (Capra ibex)

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex

Further ahead, it was a group of placid males that was awaiting us. The beasts were tame, and we ate our picnic some ten meters from the closest ones.

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex

Some belligerent animals put up an endless show of head bumping, one of the protagonists standing on its rear legs before falling and hitting its opponent with its horns. That was intense, and the perfect conclusion of a summer in the Alps. You know what came afterwards 😉

Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex


Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex


Alpine ibex

Alpine ibex




5 thoughts on “A walk in the mountains – Pas de l’Œille

  1. Bonjour Samuel, superbe photo: les Alpinibex en contre-jour. Tu es sûr que tous ces bouquetins étaient en liberté?C’est presque comme dans un zoo! (je te charries),A+ rolande

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woaw, superbe série Samuel, c’est extra… La photo des bouquetins en contre-jour est tout simplement sublime…et les paysages … grandioses, tu as su retranscrire à merveille l’ambiance du moment, super balade, merci à toi vraiment, ça donne envie 😉


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