Huldre + Svartsot @ Kælderbaren, DTU

I’m not sure you’re aware of that, but I started ‘serious’ photography as a live photographer (specialized in metal concerts of course). I hadn’t had the opportunity to shoot a gig since I opened this blog last summer, so neither had I had the opportunity to showcase my work in this field. These days are now over.
This Friday, a folk metal concert was organized at DTU. Yes, at the university! It gathered two of the most prominent Danish folk metal bands, Huldre and Svartsot. I thought it would be a great opportunity to go back to the pit as a photographer, which had not happened since the month of May.

I did not expect tremendous results: a long time had passed, so I was afraid to feel a bit like when I started, shy and awkwardly out of place. In the end, it went well, and I got interesting shots. The venue was crowded, and the audience dedicated and enthusiastic. Since my equipment for live photography is made of a 50mm f/1.8 lens only, I struggled to get nice angles, with the musicians so close and no possibility to back up a few steps, but it felt really good, and I’m now looking forward to going back to the pit.

Huldre kicked our asses first, with a nice female-fronted folk metal supported by an omnipresent violin. The audience was responding to every address made by Nanna, and it soon started to be very hot in the bar, especially when the circle pit appeared. The acoustic was surprisingly good: the violin is often badly mixed in metal concerts, but that wasn’t the case this night. Definitely a most pleasant show offered by musicians undoubtedly delighted to receive such a greeting.

A happy fan looking

A happy fan looking “fucking awesome”

Svartsot’s sound was rougher, and behind the first ranks, there was no such madness as during the previous act. Still, I had taken a spot right in front of the stage before the beginning of the show, and there, it was even tough to stand: trapped in a human tide, I still don’t know how I managed to get sharp shots.

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