A walk in the mountains: Le Touret

The A Walk in the mountains series

Another walk in the French mountains from this summer. Le Touret is a natural belvedere overlooking the village of Le Périer, in the Écrins National Park.

The map

This was a sunny, warm summer day. We parked the car at Le Périer, and began the ascent from the south, along the river Le Tourot. The path was rocky, and we were quickly surrounded by insects of all kinds, including a lot of butterflies.



Birds were singing but stayed hiden in the woods. Down the slope flew a Green woodpecker (Picus viridis) while high above us soared Short-toed snake eagles (Circaetus gallicus) and European honey buzzards (Pernis apivorus).

The part before the crossroad was steeper, but fortunately quite short. This is where we met beeches with strange shapes.

Kissing trees
Kissing trees

The very last part of the walk is a bit tricky, as the cliffs to both sides are not far. Be careful! The reward is a splendid view on the valley and the surrounding mountains.


Yes, this is where we came from!
Yes, this is where we came from!

While we were having a picnic, the Honey buzzards showed up again, as well as a flock of Common ravens (Corvus corax).

Common raven (Corvus corax)
Common raven (Corvus corax)

This picture is blurred, but you can well see the wedge-shaped tail.

We proceeded to the descent to the north, but it was not as enjoyable as the other side. Moreover, once in the valley, we discovered that the path had been gnawed by the river, so most of the walk took place along the road. I would recommend using the same track again to go back to Le Périer.

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