The Finnish way

These two first weeks of August were dedicated to the transfer of all my stuff from Helsinki to Copenhagen, where I’ll spend this next year. But why do it the easy way when it can be complicated? I left Grenoble by car, with my brother, on the 2nd. After a stop in Alsace, we crossed Germany and spend 29 hours on a boat to arrive in Helsinki in the morning of the 5th. After loading the car up to the ceiling, we headed to Denmark, spending a few days in Åland archipelago. But that is a story for another day. Before reaching these islands scattered between Finland and Sweden, we were invited at a friend’s mökki.

In Finnish, mökki stands for cottage, and it’s a vivid Finnish tradition. Many families have a cabin in the woods, on the shore of a lake, where they usually spend some week-ends throughout the year, and some time during the summer.


Two essential elements of a mökki are the sauna, built next to the lake so that you can jump in the water when you get out of it, and the pier. Running water and electricity are however in option.

It’s a relaxing place. What a joy to spend some time in the heat of the sauna, then dive into the lake (ok, rather go super slowly inside, given the temperature) and contemplate the clouds lit from underneath by the setting sun. After that, we were completely rested, and ready for our next adventures. But as I said, this is another story.


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